The Race to a Better Matchstick

A long time ago, I went to Russia. I met, fell in love with, and married my translator. Not long after we got married my Russian bride and I were at home just getting to know each other. For some reason, she really wanted to know the location of military outposts nearby. Crazy, right? One … Continue reading The Race to a Better Matchstick

Keys and Tryouts

I’m near Columbus, Mississippi, auditioning for a preaching job. I stop at a gas station just a mile or so from the church building where the audition was to occur. You may be surprised to hear the word “audition” associated with interviewing for a preaching job. My experience is that folks are interested in hiring … Continue reading Keys and Tryouts

The Reading Lessons

Photo from the author's personal files When they got married in 1903, in Alabama, my paternal grandfather (Ollie Manning) could not read. I am sure this was common in this area of Alabama in the early twentieth century. Probably common to lots of people during this time. My grandfather was a carpenter, so he could … Continue reading The Reading Lessons

Mustache of Shame

I was a grown man before I decided to shave off that awful mustache. And, I’ve never looked back. The impetus for change? A girl. A stunning and multi-lingual college-age Russian who was part of a group of other college girls assigned as translators for a motley crew of Americans in northern Russia. Here’s how … Continue reading Mustache of Shame